New in 2016 - Christmas/Fall/Winter Selections

This page will contain all the new items created for Christmas 2016. There are several others in my shop. I'm branching out to creating more scrapbook and resource items. When using for resale or as a resource for designs please give credit to my copyright notice as Judith Henry. Enjoy the list below.

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Dated Christmas Ornament
Let it Snow Ornament
Perfect for gift exchange these ornaments are created using multiple layers of card stock. Glued together with spray adhesive, they become very sturdy. They are simple to make and have a reverse design on the back. Find them by clicking on the photo caption.

Winter Wonderland Ornament

New for 2016 Christmas Angel Set

Angel Ballerina Swing Card
Frilly Angel Over the Edge Card 

I have a new Facebook group called Grammy's Designs for cutting files. Come join the group.

I asked for suggestions from the group of what the members were looking for in cutting files. A suggestion was made for an angel over the edge card. With several attempts I came up with this one. Others were incorporated in different cards.

More ideas were suggested. Stuffed envelope card. Do you know what that is? Googled it but did not find it. My though is a card with either pockets for other cards or a card that hold gift cards.

Holiday Word Cards

Clean and Layered - clean lines, lots of layers, designer papers/embossing, embellishments/accents, clean and fresh looking, some colored images at times, white space.

Another suggestion from the group was word cards. I have several but these are the newer ones.
Happy Thanksgiving Word Card

Merry Christmas Word Card

The Merry Christmas card is in the process of review. It should be posted on 11/2. I'm working on a New Year's Card.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic and Vintage - the use of used, worn or inexpensive components to make stylish goods, distressed or sponged edges, old feel-antiqued, lots of embellishments, ribbons or lace, lots of layers.

Hmmmmm....... Not sure this is my style with cutting files but I'll think on this.

Scrapbook Paper, cluster frames and alphabet

Christmas Candy Cane Kit

A collection of three frames with a cluster. The clusters have also become embellishments so you can use them independently. A great collection for adding a photo to a scrapbook page or a Christmas photo card.

These elements can be used as a resource to create card designs for resale as long as the original graphic file is not included. It should be flattened with the card image or changed in some way to be a different file. Example: Take the candy cane and wrap a teddy bear around it is a permitted form.

Christmas Candy Cane Paper and Alphabet

Fall Frames and Embellishments

Along with the embellishments are themed paper to be used to accent your cards and pages. It also includes a candy cane alphabet. These were created in 300 dpi for 12 x 12 printed sheets. They are simple enough to adorn a step or box card panels. Think Christmas tags and then add a cute little embellished tree.

There is so much that can be made with pretty paper. They can make the card or page sparkle.

Fall frames make a Thanksgiving invitation special with the family picture included. The embellishments can be used on a yearly news letter. How about making a pyramid card with stacked frames and embellishments.

These could also be used to monogram a tea shirt or a table runner when printed on iron on sheets.

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