Friday, July 8, 2016

Catch of the Day

Over the Edge Fish Card 02
One of my best selling cards has been an over the edge card. I have several for purchase on CraftsUPrint. Today I have uploaded two new cards featuring the Striped Bass and the Bluegill. Now which one of these would you prefer to catch?

Over the Edge Fish Card 01
While delicate in cutting they make striking silhouettes. I used 110 lb or 200 GSM to cut these out on my Silhouette Cameo. My blade of preference is the new premium silhouette blade. When cutting designs like this one I slow my machine down to the lowest setting, double cut, and have medium pressure. Don't be alarmed if there are bits and pieces to clean up. The do cut all the way through and it just takes a gentle touch to remove. It helps if your mat has a light tack. I also tape the edge especially when using smaller size.
Over the Edge Fish Card 03
 I know card makers are using these templates in different ways. They can even be used as a template for stenciling. Adding a sentiment, watercolor or distressing, adding a backing sheet are just a few ideas. Tell me how you are using the template or what other kinds of over the edge card you need.

Talking Goldfish

Adding on to this theme is a new colorful card for a special birthday. Two goldfish are talking to each other. Inside the sentiment continues with "I hear it is your birthday". The card is an over the edge with a liner sheet. The sentient was created with silhouette sketch pens. The bubbles are cut into the card and liner sheet and the eyes were drawn on.

I haven't stopped with offering just cards. Why not give you a variety of Goldfish as elements. These were done using sketch pens instead of cutting the details. At the size delivered you can still cut but they should not be resized smaller. When you purchase these elements I've included the fish bowl shape card's cutting file. How many can you get into the bowl. I only caught three. Please visit my shop at for purchase details.

Naturally you can come up with your own sentiment and occasion for any of these cards. Cute enough for a kids card but also nice as an invitation to a party. The week is over and so is the fishing party and stories. Enjoy.

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What's with the name?

In 2012 I became a grandma. My daughter asked me what I wanted my granddaughter to call me. I never thought about this. I guess to keep things straight she could call me Grandma Henry. This might confuse her since she has a great grandma. I told my daughter that Gwen would name me. She did, I'm sure with the help of her mommy. I became Gammy and as she got older the "R" was added. Grammy, Grammy, Grammy.

When I retired I began making more cards. Many of them were with her in mind. My specialty is the popup form of cards. That has led me into a lot of research with the hopes of creating a popup book for my grand "children". This includes my nieces children.