Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gatefold card #7 - Flowers & Butterflies

Combine the popular over the edge card with the gate card and a beautiful card unfolds. Now add the flying butterfly with transparent wings to make a standout card for any occasion. That is what this card does.

Gatefold Card #7 available at CraftsUPrint

It is a simple card to make but it does take a full 12" sheet unless you want to reduce the size. This is a standard 5.25" square card. The picture shows just a liner sheet size 5" for the verse. The kit does come with a shaped liner if you wish a different color behind the flowers.

Make the card from card stock using 65# to 110# for best results. I double cut at a lower pressure and slower machine setting when cutting intricate patterns. The fold lines need a good pressing with a folding bone.

Can you see all the different flowers? There are Iris, Daffodils and Roses. Nestled among these are violets.

Check out all my gatefold cards at - Card Templates.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Popup Nessie & Gatefold #6 Card

Today Gatefold Card #6 was added. It is a simple romantic card with swirls and hearts. The card folds and clasps in the middle with two heart links. It is made with three layers and is very simple to cut and assemble. I'm using it as an encouragement card. Thinking of you. with a simple verse inside.

Gatefold Card #6

While in Scotland we of course went to find Nessie the Loch Ness monster. While there my grand niece, Katie, turned 1. We picked up a book called "Katie in Scotland". Naturally I had to make her a popup Card to go with it. The is the kit. Her's, of course, was embellished with wiggle eyes, glitter and a verse.

Nessie from Loch Ness Popup Birthday Card

Monday, July 18, 2016

Popup Tandem Bicycle Race Card

I love popup cards. This is my second tandem card. May was my popup card month but I still continue to create new cards. You can view the whole collection at the Popup Card Month link.

This card, in the original form, uses the cut out pieces and assembled on a base element. There are many elements. The results is vibrant in color. They can be enhanced with distressing or shimmer inks. Also pattern paper can be cut to give an interest to the clothes. I used silver fold for parts of the bicycle.

The cover for this card used the extra bicycle silhouette with foil paper accents. Notice the frame of the bicycle is actually the piece pieces are glued too.
Tandem Bicycle Race Popup Card
Another option is to select your own colors on a stacked version of the tandem and riders. This can then be rasterized for a print and cut image. The tandem and riders in the second picture has been cut this way from a png files.

The card is easy to assemble in this format. It has 5 pieces, cover, base, two tandem image files with cutout template, and the popup hinge.

The Blue cover is the one delivered in the kit. It has the relief of the tandem bicycle with a swash under is.

The Red cover uses the extra tandem bicycle and some of the pieces. I used silver foil to accent pieces and the cover minus the tandem riders.

The font on the front cover is Adobe Garamond which was converted to a vector object and expanded by height. A narrow box is used to split the words. This helps with the open letters like "O" and gives a look of speed. Make a compound path with the cover for a cutout insert of the words.

I used the commercial font named Speedway for my verse. It was offset twice. The top two layers were printed and then cut.The bottom layer was cut from white card stock.

To personalize the card even more, the popup insert has been printed with a photo. In my card I used the garden at 

This kit can be purchased at:

Friday, July 15, 2016

Special Anniversary Card

 Available at
Golden Anniversary Card

Ever wish you had a card designed just for you exclusively and then be able to share it with others? This is what I created for my son in laws parents for their 50th wedding anniversary. It's in the mail! The design is now available for all my crafting friends to create, sell and enjoy. The 5.25" square card has 5+ layers. As shown it was made with the following card stock colors: periwinkle, white pearl, gold foil, silver glitter and gold glitter. Taking a closer look shows there is a sixth layer or maybe even more. The card stock (maybe it should be called paper) for foils and glitter are not very thick. To give a little more dimension some layers have been duplicated in a 300 gsm neutral color card stock.

Can you see which layer I duplicated for added depth?
Notice also the layering of elements to raise the flowers out of the page. One has the center and petals cutout and the other is solid. I did these in the gold glitter paper selecting flowers carefully on the card to maximize the effect. The edges have been curled make the flower raise out of the card. They can be scaled to any size which is the beauty of vector designs. Mine are used as delivered. These flowers can also be used to embellish the liner which you provide.

The anniversary number is actually held in the hands of the dancer. I did include a set without any numbers. This allows you to weld any number or wording making it perfect for other occassions such as anniversary, birthday or even a wedding.
Put your own sentiment on the card. Use it for a fancy dress party invitation.
Use only one of dancers or none at all and the occasion can change dramatically. However, the top glitter layer has the silhouette of the dancers. But if you are clever you can take the design for the foil layer and inset it. Scaling does not do the same thing. Pearls are add to the flowers for just enough pizzazz. I didn't have the right color of gems otherwise I would have used clear for diamonds or periwinkle to accent the folded card color. That would be very appropriate for a 60th anniversary. Remember, the kit has several reusable elements making it a nice addition to your collection.


Monday, July 11, 2016

Designer's Copyright Thoughs

This week end I'm actually crafting instead of designing. Why not? I have over 200 designs and each has several elements that can be reused. I want my friends and customers to look at cutting files and use them in more than one way. But remember, it's important to do this responsibly and stay within the cutting file copyright. See my Craftsuprint Gallery.

View description on CuP
View description on CUP
Recently I've had several inquiries on using my designs for commercial use. The copyright is on the files you received is for the design in the zip file package. If you want a commercial license this means to me that you want to distribute for resale my designs file in the original form or as a derivative. For example: The sympathy card was created by releasing the compound path of a frame and then using it in a new derivative form as a card. To sell this new cutting file would be an infringement on the copyright. Selling the card as a product is not.

With music, a choir needs to purchase the sheet music for each choir member. There may be even a performance license involved in that use. Think of making a new arrangement of the music as derivative of the original.

In dramatic plays, a community theater needs to purchase enough copies for the cast members. Again there is a performance fee. Changing the wording in the play may be considered a derivative.

In both cases reproducing the music or playbook for additional copies or selling those copies is an infringement of the copyright.

There is a fine line to cross with personal and commercial use with cutting file designs and the creation of products using them. My cutting files do not have a commercial license. You cannot make derivatives of the design files for distribution or resale. Each design is an investment of 4 - 5 hours. There is also the cost of materials, equipment and marketing to consider. This adds up to commercial license costing over $100. To make a profit I would need to sell one design 100 times.

I appreciate the inquiries on my copyright and the desire to follow my terms of use. I provide a service at a low price so others can make beautiful cards to give to their friends. This is not a profitable business.

I have no restrictions on how many times you use my designs. Nor do I limit how they are used. I even state that you can make cards for resale as long as you include my copyright notice. Please read my Terms of Use in the shop policy.

As a designer I find it hard to watch others benefiting from my designs when I make less then $1 on each sale. I realize the cards created are sold at a much bigger profit. So, when you buy a cutting file remember the designer. Acknowledge their work when you sell your cards by including their copyright notice. And for personal use, make cards you can share with others, embellish them, use parts of them to make wonderful projects. 

My two photos displayed in this post are derivative of my original design files. The link below them contains a description of how I changed the original file. The resulting cards are for my personal collection although I own the copyright so I can redistribute the new cutting file.

I appreciate your business, your interest in my designs and any thought you might have on the issue of copyrights.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Catch of the Day

Over the Edge Fish Card 02
One of my best selling cards has been an over the edge card. I have several for purchase on CraftsUPrint. Today I have uploaded two new cards featuring the Striped Bass and the Bluegill. Now which one of these would you prefer to catch?

Over the Edge Fish Card 01
While delicate in cutting they make striking silhouettes. I used 110 lb or 200 GSM to cut these out on my Silhouette Cameo. My blade of preference is the new premium silhouette blade. When cutting designs like this one I slow my machine down to the lowest setting, double cut, and have medium pressure. Don't be alarmed if there are bits and pieces to clean up. The do cut all the way through and it just takes a gentle touch to remove. It helps if your mat has a light tack. I also tape the edge especially when using smaller size.
Over the Edge Fish Card 03
 I know card makers are using these templates in different ways. They can even be used as a template for stenciling. Adding a sentiment, watercolor or distressing, adding a backing sheet are just a few ideas. Tell me how you are using the template or what other kinds of over the edge card you need.

Talking Goldfish

Adding on to this theme is a new colorful card for a special birthday. Two goldfish are talking to each other. Inside the sentiment continues with "I hear it is your birthday". The card is an over the edge with a liner sheet. The sentient was created with silhouette sketch pens. The bubbles are cut into the card and liner sheet and the eyes were drawn on.

I haven't stopped with offering just cards. Why not give you a variety of Goldfish as elements. These were done using sketch pens instead of cutting the details. At the size delivered you can still cut but they should not be resized smaller. When you purchase these elements I've included the fish bowl shape card's cutting file. How many can you get into the bowl. I only caught three. Please visit my shop at for purchase details.

Naturally you can come up with your own sentiment and occasion for any of these cards. Cute enough for a kids card but also nice as an invitation to a party. The week is over and so is the fishing party and stories. Enjoy.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Scotland Inspirations

I love coming back from vacation with lots of new ideas. Architectural designs are my favorite. This one is from Inveraray castle. I looked up and saw so many wonderful motifs. 

Any Occasion - Fold Over Card 1
The card stock I used was bought in Scotland. It is A4 size which is lovely to cut. Extra thick and very nice quality. I've been so envious of my UK friend. Unfortunately this company doesn't ship to the states. 

Scrapbook Frame Set 01
I am beginning to realize it is important to also provide designs for scrapbook and card maker. I took the motif and made neutral colored frames that can have their color changed in software like Serif's CraftArtist. I made the scrapbook page below with this software by changing the frame to green. The motifs are repeated in the flower cluster which was made with items from my favorite digital kits purchased at Digital Crea.

For my cutting file followers I have just completed the set of files which should be posted at tomorrow. Each frame has 6 layers to achieve the desired thickness to be used as a photo frame or easel. The frame fits either a 5.25" square or 4.25" x 5.5" card making a great start to a card. Adding your own embellishments and a sentiment will make this into a lovely all occasion card. Use your imagination and get creative.

Frame Set and Card Topper 01

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