Friday, May 20, 2016

Challenge Card - Fathers Day family fishing popup card.

This popup card looks complicated but is easy to assemble. Fun family card which brings back fond memories. It is my own design created for

The front of the card is very simple. Let's go Fishing Dad. Great start for a father's day card. The theme was dad taking his two kids fishing. The boy is too infatuated with the ducks. Sister caught a fish and now what does she do with it. Dad caught the biggest fish, himself.

The base of the card is designed with Make The Cut's Popup Card Studio (PCS). Once I got use to the software it makes designing this type of card easier. To make this card I started by making the elements in Adobe Illustrator. I've discovered it is best to design in 1/8" increments. This makes scoring with a Martha Stewart scoring board simpler. 

Once the elements are designed I use PCS to layout the different popup levels. I had to design the base several times. Most of the problem was restricting the card to 5" x 5" dimension. The proportions of father to children was difficult to keep within the limits of the folded card. The elements were only used to setup the hinges such as father's and sisters legs. Each element is cut separately and overlays the hinge or platform. Brother looks like he is falling in.

From PCS and Adobe Illustrator an SVG file was created using the save a copy command. This file was then imported/opened with Silhouette designers edition studio. The card base, front and elements were cut out of card stock with my silhouette cameo. I also used sketch pens to provide some details to the people.

The card base says, "We'll even put the worms on." Yep dad always put the bait on for me.

I'm entering this card in the following challenges:

Silhouette Challenges

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Popup Card Month

This month I have started to design Popup cards using Popup Card Studio (PCS) and Adobe Illustrator (AI). PCS is designed to be used with Make The Cut Studio (MTC). With AI I have to save PCS as SVG and then open in AI to make alterations. PCS is great to layout the tabs and layers for the basic card but there are always some modifications that are easier to do in AI.

Right now my Popup Cards are very basic until my skills improve. Here are my offerings this week:

 Bloom Popup Card                                                              Elephant Birthday Popup Card
Its A Girl - Baby Pram Popup Card                                             Its A Boy - Baby Pram Popup Card 

The latest one is  called Bicycle Built for Two. There are 4 wheels in this bicycle. I had to do some tricky designing to make its three layers work in creating a 3D image. The trees are taken from my Over the Edge Tree Card. It has been very popular and worked in well for the background cut.

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What's with the name?

In 2012 I became a grandma. My daughter asked me what I wanted my granddaughter to call me. I never thought about this. I guess to keep things straight she could call me Grandma Henry. This might confuse her since she has a great grandma. I told my daughter that Gwen would name me. She did, I'm sure with the help of her mommy. I became Gammy and as she got older the "R" was added. Grammy, Grammy, Grammy.

When I retired I began making more cards. Many of them were with her in mind. My specialty is the popup form of cards. That has led me into a lot of research with the hopes of creating a popup book for my grand "children". This includes my nieces children.