Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New Facebook Group - Grammy's Designs for cutting machines

Grammy's Designs for cutting machines

Come join my group and follow new designs. This is a group of card makers who give me ideas for designs. I'm looking for a team of people who want to earn money by capturing the gold stars on my designs at Craftsuprint. I also will post free SVG files as a preview and give incentives for new designs when they are first posted. This is my first card for November. It will be on sale for the first week.

Merry Christmas Word Card

I am also trying to promote other areas of the Craftsuprint products. There is a whole download area for Card Making. I want to bridge the wonderful designs in card making with cutting file templates. This card was created using cup743367_2228 - Over The Edge Christmas Tree Card by Judith Henry and cup745559_359 - Christmas Rudolph has a Snowball Fight with Pip Penguin Scallop Corner Topper by Carol Clarke. Card making uses decoupage layering to lift objects out of the card. I think the combination is striking.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

colourQ challenge #363... One Spot Color

It's my Niece's daughter's baptism this Sunday. For that occasion I wanted to make a keepsake card that could be put in a frame. It is created using a page out of a children's bible (reproduced of course for the newsprint layer), black card stock to frame the original card, pearl white card stock with the elements in white. The colored spot is the silver glitter lettering layer.

Cutting files and die cuts lend themselves well to the monochromatic layering techniques. I can't always get my Silhouette Cameo to cut heavy card stock, so I decided to cut each element twice and glue them together. I used spray adhesive that allows you to re-position but dries fixed.

Each layer builds upon the doily layers. The pieces are a little smaller then the one it is attached to. It was amazing the depth that was created with this technique especially with the open lettering.

When all the pieces were in place, I then decided where the one spot of color should go. The words needed to pop more. At first I though of embossing with blue but that would not work with the open letter frame. Perhaps silver is still a monochrome color but once the glitter layer was added, "bingo", there was the affect I was looking for.

This is now for sale at my shop: http://www.craftsuprint.com/judith-henry/

 ColourQ Challenge #363

Monday, September 12, 2016

Spooktacular Halloween Items

There are so many fun things to make for Halloween. As adults we get to decorate the house, buy the treats, dress up to answer the door and send cards to our friends and shut ins. It's time to find hilarious cards with lots of surprises. That's what I'm doing this month. Trying to make some of the most outrageous cards with a pop to them.

This list will continue to grow as I make new ones. My collection can be found at http://www.craftsuprint.com/judith-henry/ and then search for Halloween.

Halloween Monster T-Slider Card

This will be my last Halloween card this month. I now have the three made for Great grandma and one for me. I like the green Frankenstein monster. With the modified shutter on the T-slider he pops out towards you as the slide is pulled. 

This is another verse from the Perpetual Preschool website category Halloween. I saw the verse and got the card idea. But the slider mechanism can be used with other elements. I used Halloween Witch on a Broom below and the template to create another card.

Halloween Tonight

 Halloween TonightThis is a 4.25" x 5.5" card. the style resembles a flip phone with a small card verse inside. I selected a verse from the Perpetual Preschool website category Halloween. They have verses written to favorite children songs. I thought the kids might like that.

There are seven layers to this card. The small pieces are cut out of each layer so the color underneath shows through. I just hate fussy piecing. I love Halloween colors. It cuts nicely out of cardstock.

Halloween Scare Up Fun

Great Grandma asked me to design 3 cards for her great grand daughters. I've made two this season and now a 3rd. This topper is 5.25 square. There are some small pieces but most of them, such as the windows are created with a frame piece and color piece behind it showing through the small openings. 

Now I have a problem. I would like to send the same little girls a card from me. That means I'm half way there. Better get back to the drawing board.


Halloween Spider Slider Card 

I've made other slider cards but this one took some time to figure out. I wanted the spider to drop down from the web when the slider was pulled. The whole theme is just perfect. Flying bats and a ghost pop up while the spider drops down. It's new today and I think it's brilliant.

I even got out some heat embossing ink and powder to add shine to the spiders. It gave them an extra shine and dimension. The next time I make this one I'll look into adding some dimensional foam so the words on the card pop.

Added this very short video so you could see how it pops up.

Halloween Witch on a Broom

HAPPY HALLOWEEN - Let's see what you can craft from this little red headed witch. Will she show up on a popup or a swing card? The cutting file come in various formats including a PDF version for those wishing to print and cut or for machines with tracing capabilities.

Halloween Witches Popup Card

Please come in for a bite to eat. Just some fun for Halloween! Featuring floating bubbles, a witch in the pot and two friendly ghosts. This card is made from a combination of card stock and colored copy paper. Easy to make following my popup tutorial.

The ones below are from last year. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September Popup Cards

Halloween Witches Popup Card

Time for some more new Popup Cards. Now that labor day is over the next celebration is Halloween. So don't be surprised when you open this Popup card. It was so much fun trying to get all the pieces ready. I haven't been in PCS for a while so had to refresh my memory.

The idea was to have a hot cauldron with bubbles floating out of it. The easiest way to do that is using clear plastic. Will my Silhouette cut this median? Yep. I made the piece to stack the upside down witch, cauldron and bubbles on. I made sure that I used paper in the layers so the element would not get to bulky for the popup. I also added some clear gems.

The popup form is a standard layout and my tutorial on folding the mountain and valley fold should help with the basics. I also included some notes for cutting on the cutting files.

The hardest part was the font for words. This is a complete card with sentiment. The words were created with a stencil font that was modified so the openings would hang together. I made several versions cleaning up the tines so they will cut nicely. Enjoy!!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Lace Inspired Card Collection - Continued

Previous article - Lace Inspired Card Collection

Lace Edge Card #04

This fourth card was inspired by a rope like lace edging. It is far prettier then my design and after several attempts I was able to come up with a frame using something very similar.

Cutting lace patterns are not always easy on a cutting machine. It took several attempts with the blade setting, cutting speed, pressure, over cutting and card stock that would support the pattern.

I blamed my failure on the humidity which I'm sure was a contributing factor. My blade was old and my mat worn out. Yes, I changed all of those too. My machine was making noise so I looked for remedies to that. Oiled and move the cutting head to realign.

It must be a design flaw. Back to the drawing board. Using the KISS method (Keep It Simple, Stupid) I took what I thought was a simple pattern and reinvented it. Here was my thought process:

Lace Edge Card #04 available at CraftsUPrint

  1. My original pattern used too small of openings. I had designed it at 300% and then reduced down. The piece were too close together making it difficult for the blade to turn without tearing.
  2. The line down the center of each fan piece was too thin. Get rid of that piece.
  3. The outline of the lace was too close to the holes. Increase that distance.
  4. Too many loops to each side. Removing one loop allowed the pattern to grow.
So I learned there are some design considerations. The major machine setting to cut intricate designs is still the same. Slow down your machine, reduce the blade depth, reduce the pressure and double cut. I hope you enjoy this card and find new ways to use the frame. The embellishment really brought the card to life.

Lace Edge Card #05 - Invitation Set

This set almost did not get designed. It was actually my fourth design which I put away because of the paper cutting issue above. Luckily I kept it and when I made all the changes and design changes to Lace Edge Card #04 I revisited this lace pattern. 

This was a wide piece of lace and originally I had all three patterns in it. You can imagine how frustrating it was trying to get a clean cut.

Lace Edge Card #05 available at CraftsUPrint

Since I now had my machine back to where I was successfully cutting I looked to modify the pattern following the four steps in Lace Edge Card #04.

I had also had a customer ask about a wedding kits with place cards. That was a beginning of the kit which includes a 4.25" x.5" invitation, a 4.25" x 5" Thank You card and the name tag place card.

Notice the KISS method was again used to make this kit which is a variation on the original and uses layers to accent the cut openings.

But, I will worn you, this is a difficult pattern to cut at this size and would be better if you could cut it in a larger size.

In particular, I used pearl metallic card stock which has a slick coating on both sizes. The blade did a good job around the edges but had problems with some of the inside pieces. I'm hoping you will share your results with other machines. Mine is the Silhouette Cameo.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

CYCI#134 Sketch Challenge – Theme Pets!

Dog Bark Retreat

We have left our dog with several different friends and family this year while we have been traveling. It's always nice to remember to thank them especially from our neighbors. While Jazz is well behaved he does tend to bark at each dog that goes by, the mailman, and whatever goes bump in the night. Since retiring we notice his habits and do wonder what he's like when left along.

My daughter and son have taken him to their home for our last vacation. I designed this card with them in mind. It is a thank you card but with a change in the sentiment it could easily become an all occasion card.
This is a print and cut card but also the dog is delivered as individual pieces to decoupage. As a print and cut the dog has 5 layers stacked with double sided adhesive foam to give the 3D affect.

The base of the card has an aperture opening so the dog can be placed on the inside. The sentiment in the upper right corner was printed on the variegated orange card stock.

All the other pieces have been printed and cut but they could easily be cut from different card stock. The colors selected for the frame and sentiment frame were matched to the base color.

The first layer of the dog was a print of the whole dog. Then layers were added with Helmar's Scrap Dots 3-dimensional adhesive. I preferred this method because it allows me to add just the right amount of adhesive to get the effect I wanted. Double sided adhesive foam could be used also.
The final card was assembled, folded and a note written inside ready to mail. This card has been entered in the Several challenges. The design can be purchased at    Craftsuprint- Dog Bark Retreat.

CYCI#134 Sketch Challenge – Theme Pets!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lace Inspired Card Collection

There are now three patterns in this series all available at

Lace Edge Card #01

There are so many beautiful lace patterns that can dress up a card, box or frame. I have been looking for ways to incorporate these patterns into paper doilies, cards and frames. This is the first pattern I created.

The original was a crochet pattern. It was more complex than this with added swirls and a beaded edge. I added the top edge so a 1/8" ribbon could be strung through it. With the SVG file it can be scaled and elongated to fit any need.

Lace Edge Card #1 available at CraftsUPrint

This is the first card in the series using the lace for an over the edge opening. It is backed with a matching shaped contrast piece which makes the lace stand out. I followed through with the looped edge in the sentiment card.

The material used was pearl silver card stock with white 250 GSM used for the lace. The shaped piece is a silver metallic card stock. I used foiled paper for the sentiment and accented the lace with a pale blue 1/8" ribbon tide in a bow.

Lace Edge Card #02

My second design is taken from an edible cake lace. Wow, what and experience it was finding them. I watched YouTube videos on how they are made. Sugar Cake Lace Made Simple

Pretty amazing cake. I used the lace as a starting point for the card. My first attempt was a little heavy so I lightened it with the addition of the small circle in the bands and added a ribbon trim edge. I think this card would make a great compliment to a wedding theme especially if the cake used the edible lace. The card's border could be used to make place cards and thank you notes. Even the wedding announcement could use this as a trim.

The trim is pretty enough that a ribbon is not necessary. Made by combining three layers (white, pink and periwinkle) allows each color to peek through the matching holes. The card base frames the design with the added sentiment echoing the scalloped edge.

Think weddings, anniversaries or any special occasion.

Lace Edged Card #02 available at CraftsUPrint

Lace Edge Card #03

My third design is a derivative of from an Art Deco lace pattern made by "The Fancy Things" ready to use edible lace. I think it looks like water lilies. The design is a take on the original.

As with the other cards, this card can be used for many occasions. This time I made a wedding card. The lace is a little different from the other two. Because of the humidity I was having difficulty cutting small pieces. There are three layers that stack and show through to the other layers. Since this looks like flowers I chose to not do an over the edge cut.

I added some sparkle with glitter stock. The kit does not come with this frame. They are just 1/8" cut strips added to the card to frame the sentiment. There is also a single layer water lily like the center lily that can be used by itself to embellish the inside.

I love the colors I've chosen. Periwinkle with multiple layers of gray and cream pearl card stock. And of course the glitter stock layer. No ribbon this time.

Lace Edge Card #3 available at CraftsUPrint

Lace Card Collection Continues...

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gatefold card #7 - Flowers & Butterflies

Combine the popular over the edge card with the gate card and a beautiful card unfolds. Now add the flying butterfly with transparent wings to make a standout card for any occasion. That is what this card does.

Gatefold Card #7 available at CraftsUPrint

It is a simple card to make but it does take a full 12" sheet unless you want to reduce the size. This is a standard 5.25" square card. The picture shows just a liner sheet size 5" for the verse. The kit does come with a shaped liner if you wish a different color behind the flowers.

Make the card from card stock using 65# to 110# for best results. I double cut at a lower pressure and slower machine setting when cutting intricate patterns. The fold lines need a good pressing with a folding bone.

Can you see all the different flowers? There are Iris, Daffodils and Roses. Nestled among these are violets.

Check out all my gatefold cards at craftsuprint.com - Card Templates.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Popup Nessie & Gatefold #6 Card

Today Gatefold Card #6 was added. It is a simple romantic card with swirls and hearts. The card folds and clasps in the middle with two heart links. It is made with three layers and is very simple to cut and assemble. I'm using it as an encouragement card. Thinking of you. with a simple verse inside.

Gatefold Card #6

While in Scotland we of course went to find Nessie the Loch Ness monster. While there my grand niece, Katie, turned 1. We picked up a book called "Katie in Scotland". Naturally I had to make her a popup Card to go with it. The is the kit. Her's, of course, was embellished with wiggle eyes, glitter and a verse.

Nessie from Loch Ness Popup Birthday Card

Monday, July 18, 2016

Popup Tandem Bicycle Race Card

I love popup cards. This is my second tandem card. May was my popup card month but I still continue to create new cards. You can view the whole collection at the Popup Card Month link.

This card, in the original form, uses the cut out pieces and assembled on a base element. There are many elements. The results is vibrant in color. They can be enhanced with distressing or shimmer inks. Also pattern paper can be cut to give an interest to the clothes. I used silver fold for parts of the bicycle.

The cover for this card used the extra bicycle silhouette with foil paper accents. Notice the frame of the bicycle is actually the piece pieces are glued too.
Tandem Bicycle Race Popup Card
Another option is to select your own colors on a stacked version of the tandem and riders. This can then be rasterized for a print and cut image. The tandem and riders in the second picture has been cut this way from a png files.

The card is easy to assemble in this format. It has 5 pieces, cover, base, two tandem image files with cutout template, and the popup hinge.

The Blue cover is the one delivered in the kit. It has the relief of the tandem bicycle with a swash under is.

The Red cover uses the extra tandem bicycle and some of the pieces. I used silver foil to accent pieces and the cover minus the tandem riders.

The font on the front cover is Adobe Garamond which was converted to a vector object and expanded by height. A narrow box is used to split the words. This helps with the open letters like "O" and gives a look of speed. Make a compound path with the cover for a cutout insert of the words.

I used the commercial font named Speedway for my verse. It was offset twice. The top two layers were printed and then cut.The bottom layer was cut from white card stock.

To personalize the card even more, the popup insert has been printed with a photo. In my card I used the garden at 

This kit can be purchased at:


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