Friday, November 20, 2015

November - A month of giving THANKS

I'm so thankful for all the support I am getting from friends and clients.

I have reached 200 sales this month!!
 This month I was asked by a local group of teachers to share my passion for card making. We spent over an hour touring my craft closet, having a cutting machine demonstration and preview of my products. I had gotten out all my cards that I made this year. Some have been mailed to friends or given away at fundraising events. There were many left undistributed. Enough to fill my dining room table. As always, I let each pick a card to take know that they will go to cheer up others.

The biggest compliment I got this past month was a card I sent a dear friend when she was so ill. I wrote a poem to include inside for encouragement. She was so cheered by this delicate card that she told me she was going to frame it. What an honor! But what is more important is the impact a card can make in her recovery. She's back to being herself which is the message I gave her.

It's memories like these that make each card I make a treasure to someone. We have lost that connection with people, become very impersonal with our use of emails, and messaging has replaced a meaningful phone call. The greeting card is very special especially the handmade ones. They remind me of the Victorian cards.

I'm hoping to get back to working on more complex card designs. They take more time to complete and have generated new cutting templates that others can use to make their own designs.

This month I have posted two new templates available at

Double Slider Card

Three Tier Shadow Box
It's good to have these templates because they are so easy to embellish to make other projects.
Three Deer Elements

The Three Deer Shadow Box was made with the Three Tier Shadow Box template, Three Deer Elements and the Christmas Winter Paper Set 1. Very simple but effective. I have included assembly instructions to help understand the folds.

I'm now working on making a double slider card with Santa Popping out of the chimney using the Santa Down the Chimney element which is available today.

Thank You to all my followers. All my designs on sale

11/19/2015 - 11/21/2015.

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What's with the name?

In 2012 I became a grandma. My daughter asked me what I wanted my granddaughter to call me. I never thought about this. I guess to keep things straight she could call me Grandma Henry. This might confuse her since she has a great grandma. I told my daughter that Gwen would name me. She did, I'm sure with the help of her mommy. I became Gammy and as she got older the "R" was added. Grammy, Grammy, Grammy.

When I retired I began making more cards. Many of them were with her in mind. My specialty is the popup form of cards. That has led me into a lot of research with the hopes of creating a popup book for my grand "children". This includes my nieces children.