Friday, October 30, 2015

October projects

I've been busy this month try out new styles and expanding my products.

What's New this week was Gatefold Cards. I've had several comments on Facebook groups and have included cutting settings for that work well for intricate designs. Other that being patient I've suggested using double cut and over cut. Over cut is something that many people have not heard about. It is a setting you can add/change when picking the material you cut. Most people know that you can change the speed here and thickness of the material. I have found for cardstock my setting for thickness is 25. If it is pearl coated I then double cut. If what I'm cutting has many twists and turns I turn on overcut with 2 mm setting. I also turn the speed down. Some of these cards seem to take a long time to cut but it's worth the wait to not be frustrated.

Another area I tried is using double sided adhesive from Silhouette to add glitter to a page. All elements in this card used this method. However, I read a comment on that by using spray adhesive you can create your own glitter elements. Perhaps making a stencil that can limit the spray to a specific area would work?

Sketch pens make very nice line art. I have discovered gel pens and the pen holder. I bought a set of metallic, glitter and neon pens. It took time to get the pen positioned right. I found another suggestion on the web to use a popsicle stick when inserting the pen. Not sure how to do this but it was a wakeup call that my pen needed to be adjusted since it kept dragging between objects.

Word Art has always been a challenge for me. I hate adding each little letter. They are never straight. So I have opted for layers and sketch pen. this Wonderful Counselor card uses this technique. It really pops out the words.

 Now where would October be if we didn't do some Halloween designs. Instead of creating everything with the layered look I switched to melding with lines and dripping fonts. The Spooky card with the bat and pumpkin grin pulled it all together. It's the fonts that create the haunting message.

I thought about making some kind of Christmas present. At this time of year everyone is getting their family picture taken. This then led me into creating a photo folder easel with multiple different frames. And with that in mind started the need for custom paper to further embellish the folder.
Next month I will continue to create Christmas Cards, maybe a thanksgiving treat table placeholder, and a 3D Christmas Tree advent calendar. Guess I'd better stock up on Green and Red paper.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

September Products

I've been absent on the blog for a month now. I've been busy with my grandchild and creating new cards. With the nice weather I have produced many new cards with flowers and tree themes. Let me share those with you:

First time creating bendy cards. I'm particularly fond of the Merry Christmas card. These were so much fun to design. Since they have a front and a back they can be made large for table decoration. The best selling one is the Cat on the fence.

I got into the Christmas Spirit and created card toppers and ornaments. In reality the toppers can be used as Christmas ornaments also by repeating the pattern on the back side. If you have the curio these could be made from crafting foam. I particularly like the snowflake and plan to create several new designs. 
The Seasons Greetings card has not been posted on CraftsUPrint yet. It is a print and cut file and contains the four seasons trees along with the Christmas Tree. The fence opens to expand the card.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching I thought some fall cards would be wonderful to send. The over the edge card has been a favorite of many clients and is another best seller. The Thanksgiving card is a tepee card which might be used for meeting name cards by swapping the word for the name. The Thinking of you card is very special. I have thought this would be nice as a shadow box. Several sentiments were included.

That catches you up on my designs through September. Let me know if there is anything you are interested in seeing. I'm always looking for customer input.

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What's with the name?

In 2012 I became a grandma. My daughter asked me what I wanted my granddaughter to call me. I never thought about this. I guess to keep things straight she could call me Grandma Henry. This might confuse her since she has a great grandma. I told my daughter that Gwen would name me. She did, I'm sure with the help of her mommy. I became Gammy and as she got older the "R" was added. Grammy, Grammy, Grammy.

When I retired I began making more cards. Many of them were with her in mind. My specialty is the popup form of cards. That has led me into a lot of research with the hopes of creating a popup book for my grand "children". This includes my nieces children.